Our History

Studio Tour Orginators

In 1992, artists Marty Ray, Michael Obranovich and David Hickman organized and participated in the very first Artists’ Studio Tour in a neighborhood near White Rock Lake. Marty and Michael hatched up the idea to ask a few professional artists with studios close by to join them in having a one day Open Studio event. David was invited to participate and assist with organizing the event (originally called the East Dallas Artists’ Studio Tour). The mission that year and 27 years later is the same: To introduce the public to local artists and invite them to visit the unique spaces where art is created. The artists and studios are still located within residential neighborhoods near White Rock Lake.

Seven studios were included the first year. Currently there are over 40 artists and 5 area Art Center/Schools. Co-founder Marty Ray continues to coordinate the tour and open her studio along with her husband Richard Ray. Michael moved recently to establish a new pottery studio near Kerrville, Texas and in 2014 David Hickman set up a new sculpture studio and home near Santa Fe. David and Michael continue to be highly recognized artists in their fields and remain hard at work. We all wish them the very best for the future.

With help of a steering committee of artists, Marty continues to lead and coordinate the Tour. Vital help also comes from Terri Stone, Byron Black (graphic designer), Jan Wilson (webmaster), Sharon Shero (PR consultant), Clara Johnson and Lynn Armstrong. The White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour continues to be a well-loved activity for all ages that enjoy seeing the arts thrive in our communities. The artists are also indebted to our Sponsors who assist financially to support the needs of coordinating the tour. Check out the Sponsor page and say thank you to our Sponsors when you visit them.

We hope you are able to visit many of the studios this year and ENJOY the 2019 Studio Tour!